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  • Retaining Walls

  • A large number of properties in and around Indiana have graded land or there might be some slopes on the land. If you need to construct a driveway or any other structure on this kind of land, you need to ensure that it has the right kind of support. Freedom Constructors Inc. can help you create this support with the help of perfectly engineered retaining walls.

    Though retaining walls are specifically-built to support slopes & for adding stability to your landscaping, they can be used in a range of applications and these walls are extremely versatile and functional in that aspect. There are a number of different retaining walls solutions you can choose from and the one you opt for will be based in the actual function that it is going to be used for:

    • Gravity Walls- These are effective in resisting pressure from behind 
    • Piling Walls- These are typically used in softer soils & tight spaces
    • Cantilevered Walls- These retaining walls can hold horizontal pressure in an effective way & convert it into leveled vertical pressure
    • Anchored Walls- These walls could be any of the above but have cable reinforcements which are anchored into the soil & rocks surrounding them
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