Welcome to Freedom Constructors Inc., your trusted partner for construction and remodeling services in Greenwood, Franklin, Columbus, Trafalgar, and the surrounding communities. Since our establishment in 1984, we have been dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship, personalized service, and innovative solutions to our valued clients.

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Premier Boat Dock Construction by Freedom Constructors Inc.

Welcome to Freedom Constructors Inc., where we specialize in crafting exceptional boat docks that combine functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Serving Greenwood, Franklin, Columbus, Trafalgar, and the surrounding communities since 1984, we are your trusted partner for creating waterfront spaces that stand the test of time.

Boat Dock Services Tailored to Your Needs:

1. Custom Dock Design:
Our expert team understands that each waterfront property is unique. We offer custom dock designs that seamlessly integrate with your surroundings, maximizing both utility and visual appeal.

2. Quality Materials:
We prioritize the use of high-quality, marine-grade materials to ensure the longevity and resilience of our boat docks. Our commitment to quality guarantees a structure that withstands the elements.

3. Functional Layouts:
Whether you need a simple pier or a multi-slip dock, our designs focus on functionality. We optimize layouts to provide easy access, secure mooring, and space for leisure activities.

4. Decking Options:
Choose from a range of decking options to suit your preferences and needs. From traditional wood to low-maintenance composite materials, we offer solutions that align with your lifestyle.

5. Accessories and Add-ons:
Enhance your boat dock experience with our selection of accessories and add-ons. From boat lifts to seating areas, we provide options to customize your dock for ultimate enjoyment.

6. Permitting Assistance:
Navigating the permitting process can be complex. Our team is well-versed in local regulations and assists you in obtaining the necessary permits for a smooth construction process.

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